ArchiveJanuary-February 2017 | Volume 3 | Issue 1

Anaesthesia (8)

  •  An Introduction to Airway Assessment and Management (Concise Airway Anatomy and Pathophysiology)
    Gamal Ejaimi, Sittelnissa Saeed
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.AN1
  •  Comparative Study of Clonidine and Magnesium Sulfate Used as Adjuvant to Epidural Bupivacaine in Orthopedic Lower Limb Surgery
    Amit Pradhan, Mahendra Kumar Nayak, Tarangini Dash, Kamalakanta Pradhan, Debasis Mishra
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.AN2
  •  A Comparative Study of Single Dose Extradural Analgesia with Bupivacaine and Lignocaine with Adrenaline
    V. Madhuri Gopal
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.AN3
  •  Evaluation of Modified Cormack-Lehane Scoring System in Indian Population
    Deepak T.S., Vikas K. N
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.AN4
  •  Role of Low Dose Preoperative Dexmedetomidine in Preventing Tourniquet Induced Hypertension in Paediatric Orthopaedic upper Limb Surgeries during General Anaesthesia
    Shahna Ali, Farhan Siraj, Manazir Athar, Amrin Badar
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.AN5
  •  Evaluation of Dexamethasone for Postoperative Analgesia in Elderly Patients
    Sarvesh, Shalini Chaudhary, J.C Dureja
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.AN6
  •  A Comparison of Intrathecal Isobaric Ropivacaine 0.5% and 0.75% for Orthopaedic Lower Limb Surgeries and Lower Abdominal Surgeries
    Amit Pradhan, Tarangini Dash, Sidharth Sraban Routray, Debasis Mishra, Indrajit Mahanta
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.AN7
  •  Comparison of Intrathecal Bupivacaine, Ropivacaine (0.75%) and Ropivacaine (0.75%) with Clonidine (30µg) for Lower Abdominal and Lower Limb Surgeries with Regard to Quality of Anaesthesia and Safety
    Sunny Alex, Ani Gopinath, Ramadas C.K, Muhammed Rashid
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.AN8
Biochemistry (2)

  •  Assessment of Platelet Levels in Serum Samples of Dengue Patients Before and After Providing Papaya with Other Fruits
    Anuradha Radha Krishna, Neeraja Myreddy, Sreenivasulu Uppara
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.BC1
  •  Estimation of Amylase in Serum and Pleural Fluid among HIV Known Seronegative Patients with Tuberculous Pleural Effusion
    Shyam Prasad Bukkapatnam, Sri Krishna Sasi R, Tagore R, Umadevi M
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.BC2
Dermatology (2)

  •  Psychodermatology: A Study of Co-Morbid Skin Disorders in Primary Psychiatric Conditions
    Madhu Holeyannavar, Ajaykumar Dhage
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.DT1
  •  Patterns of Infant Dermatoses – A Cross Sectional Study in A Tertiary Care Centre
    Atasi Samanta, Arun Achar
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.DT2
ENT (3)

  •  Submental Lipoma-Clinical Report of the Case and Review of the Literature
    M. Vijaya Kumar, Mohammed Naseeruddin, N Satyanarayana
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.EN1
  •  Effect of Septoplasty on Mean Platelet Volume in Patients of Deviated Nasal Septum
    Abdur Rahman, Mohd Tasleem, S.H Arif
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.EN2
  •  An Institutional Study of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma and its Clinico-Pathological Presentations among the Populations of Hills and Valleys
    Akoijam Babie Anand, Thangjam Nirpendra, Y. Indibor
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.EN3
Medicine (9)

  •  Disseminated Cysticercosis - A Case Report
    Saruchi Garg, Heena Kathuria, Satish Sachdeva, Tarvinderjit Khurana
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.ME1
  •  Study of Cardiac Manifestations in Patients with HIV Infection and Their Correlation with CD4 Count in Indian Population
    Raman Kumar Sharma, Vishwanath Chavan, Nirankar Singh Neki, Amrit Pal Singh, Jyoti Jaitwani, Harsh Kumar, Gagandeep Singh Shergill, Khushpreet Singh
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.ME2
  •  Assessment of Mechanical and Electrical Dyssynchrony in Cardiomyopathy
    SS.M. Nahid Morshed, Chaudhury Meshkat Ahmed, S.M. Mustafa Zaman, M. A. Muqueet, Naveen Sheikh, Soheli Ahmed Sweety, Nilufar Fatema, Manzoor Mahmood, Jahanara Arzu
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.ME3
  •  Relationship between Olfactory Dysfunction and Cognitive Impairment in Elderly Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
    Avtar Singh Dhanju, Raman Kumar Sharma, Harsh Kumar, N.S. Neki, Satpal Aloona, Vishakha Sirpal, Gagandeep Singh Shergill, Amritpal Singh, Narinder Meena, Prince Kumar, Khushpreet Singh, Vishwanath Chavan
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.ME4
  •  Central Nervous System Infections in HIV Patients: An Experience from a Tertiary Level Hospital in Mumbai
    Sangeeta Pednekar, Elizabeth James, Gaurav Lachuria
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.ME5
  •  A Study on Metabolic Syndrome in the South Indian Population with Coronary Artery Disease Proven By Angiography
    Kannan Gopal, Vanitha Rani N
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.ME6
  •  The Study of Arrhythmias in the First Week of Myocardial Infarction
    Saurabh Agarwal, Pashaura Singh, Tejinder Sikri, N.S. Neki
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.ME7
  •  Health Status and Stress Levels of Nurses Working In a Tertiary Care Hospital in Mumbai
    Seema Kini, Yasmeen Pathan, Dileep Asgaonkar
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.ME8
  •  Coronary Arteriographic Profile in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
    Iqbal ATMI, Haque KMHSS, Siddique MA, M Molik, Mahmood M, Muqueet MA
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.ME9
Microbiology (1)

  •  Bacteriophage Typing of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Changing Trend in their Antibiotic Profile
    Abarna Velayudham, Jayavarthinni Manavalan, Sindhanai Vadivel, Bhaskaran Kaliyamoorthy, Sethumadhavan Kuthalaramalingam
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.MB1
Obstetrics & Gynaecology (3)

  •  Does Admission in Labour Room During Latent Phase of Labour Versus Active Phase Really Matters in Low Risk Women Presenting at Term? A Cross-Sectional Observational Study
    Raksha Sharma, Poonam Bhojwani, Pragati Meena, Sadhana Mathur
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.OG1
  •  Analysis of Various Types of Rupture Uterus and to Assess Maternal and Perinatal Outcome in Cases of Rupture Uterus over a Period of 5 Years: An Experience from Madhya Pradesh
    Shazi Qureshi, Paribhashita Mishra, Udit Mishra, K. P. Ranjan
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.OG2
  •  Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy - A Retrospective Observational Study in a Teaching Hospital
    Tapan Pattanaik, Sujata Priyadarsini Mishra, Sasmita Das
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.OG3
Ophthalmology (2)

  •  Nosocomial Conjunctivitis Caused By Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Treatment and Preventive Measures
    Muhammad Abdul Rehman, Mazen Alzahrani, Batool Ali
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.OT1
  •  Pattern of Ocular Morbidity among Children Referred Through a National Screening Program in a Tertiary Hospital in Northern India
    Sumita Sethi, Ramnika Aggarwal, VS Reddy, Ruchi Dabas
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.OT2
Orthopaedics (6)

  •  Solitary Osteochondroma: Rare Occurrence A Report of Two Cases
    Vivek Jha, Santosh Munde, Anil Gulia, Sanjay Middha, Dharvin Lamba, Hemlata Kamra
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.OR1
  •  A Non-Randomized Prospective Study of Management of Intracapsular Fracture Neck of Femur with Bipolar Hemiarthroplasty
    P. Sukarna Reddy, V. Venugopal
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.OR2
  •  Analysis of Results of Arthroscopic Repair of Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) Injury
    Prasanta kumar saha
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.OR3
  •  Outcome of Isolated PCL Avulsion Fractures Treated with Cancellous Screw Fixation
    Nilesh Vishwakarma, Sarabjeet Kohli, Shaival Chauhan, Kuldip Salgotra, Anant Joshi
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.OR4
  •  Management of Tibial Spine Avulsion Fractures by Pull Through Suture Method
    Owais Ahmed Qureshi, Najamul Huda
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.OR5
  •  Anatomical Single-Bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Using Medial Portal Technique
    Owais Ahmed Qureshi, Najamul Huda
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.OR6
Pathology (3)

  •  A lesion on lip – Hemangioma with Chronic Granuloma
    Suhailur Rehman, Hena A. Ansari, Shaista M. Vasenwala, S. Husain Hashmi, Noora Saeed
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.PT1
  •  Cytokeratin Positive Cystic Epithelioid Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor Mimicking Gastric Carcinoma- Immunohistochemical Analysis and Review of Literatures
    Binay kumar, Upasna Chachra, Bhuvan
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.PT2
  •  Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Breast in a 21 Years Old Female - A Rare Case Report
    Hemlata Kamra, Santosh Munde, Swaran Kaur, Sarita Yadav, Kirti Ahuja
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.PT3
Pharmacology (1)

  •  Comparison of Generic and Branded Drugs on Cost Effective and Cost Benefit Analysis
    Deepak Bhosle, Asif Sayyed, Abhijeet Bhagat, Huzaif Shaikh, Alimuddin Sheikh, Vasundhara Bhopale, Zubair Quazi
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.PC1
Physiology (3)

  •  Study of Iron Status Indicators in Different Phases of Menstrual Cycle in Females of Lower Socio-Economic Group
    Shipra Chandra, Namrata Kaushik, Narendra Gupta
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.PH1
  •  A Prospective Comparative Study Comparing Cardiovascular Reactivity in Obese Young Adult Male and Female Individuals
    Anjali Verma, Shishir Ranjan Arora, Manoj Kumar, Sangeeta Kapoor
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.PH2
  •  Variations in Iron Status Indicators in Different Phases of Menstrual Cycle – A Study of Two Age-Matched Socio-Economic Groups of 18 – 25 Years of Age
    Shipra Chandra, Manish Bajpai, Sunita Tiwari, R. B. Kamal, Kavita Chawla
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.PH3
Radiology (6)

  •  Normal Functioning Pelvic Lump Kidney: Isolated Anomaly - Radiological Evaluation
    B. B. Sharma, Shashi Sharma, Naveen Bhardwaj, Pankaj Abrol, Sakshi Dewan, Mir Rizwan Aziz
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.RD1
  •  Pediatric Intervertebral Disc Calcification Causing Cord Compression –A Rare Presentation
    Gopinath T.N
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.RD2
  •  Neuro Wilson’s – An Alien Presentation
    Sivakami R. Pradeepkumar, Ramesh Kumar Rudrappa, Sibhithran Rajakumar
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.RD3
  •  Adenoma Malignum of Cervix – How Useful is Clinico-Radiological Diagnosis?
    B. B. Sharma, Naveen Bhardwaj, Sakshi Dewan, Mir Rizwan Aziz
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.RD4
  •  Sonographic Evaluation of Acute Appendicitis -A Study at a Tertiary Care Hospital of Tribal, Hilly, Wayanad in Kerala
    Krishna Kumar, Kevin Araujo, Lakshmeesha, Vijayendra
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.RD5
  •  Skeletal Maturity of the Hand and Wrist in Bania Girls in Punjab Assessed by the TW2 Method
    Pratibha, Zora Singh, Gurmeet Kaur Sethi
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.RD6
Surgery (8)

  •  Ruptured basilar top aneurysm presenting with status epilepticus in an infant: A Rare Case Report
    Pramod Giri, Ninad Sawant
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.SG1
  •  A Misdiagnosed Case of Anal Canal Malignant Melanoma: A Case Report
    Nandkishore Jaiswal, Aniket B Payagude
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.SG2
  •  Acute Pulmonary Embolism - A Clinical Review
    K. Manitha, G. Ravindra
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.SG3
  •  Study of Colorectal Malignancy in Young Patients
    Arti Mitra, Unmed Chandak, Ankit Vyas, Rachit Mitra
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.SG4
  •  A Prospective Study to Evaluate Efficacy & Safety of HBOT in Acute Traumatic Brain Injury
    Bankat Phad, Minakshi Gadahire, Mohan Joshi
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.SG5
  •  A Study of Inguinal Hernia in Infants and Children
    Rahul Tanwani, Mayur Maheshwari, Manish Patel, Ajay Joshi, Abhinav Rathi, Rahul Atode
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.SG6
  •  Validation of Diabetic Ulcer Severity Score (DUSS).
    Shashikala C.K., Vedavathi. K. Nandini, Sathish Kagwad
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.SG7
  •  The Role of Diagnostic Laparoscopy in Patients with Chronic Abdominal Pain – A Prospective Study
    Sunesh Kumar
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.SG8
Dentistry (8)

  •  Diffuse Swelling of Salivary and Lacrimal Glands as a First and only Manifestation of Non-Hodgkin B-Cell Lymphoma: A Case Report
    Amel Salah Eltayeb, Abbas Abrahim Alfadul, Safa Abass Agaimy, Ahmed M. suleiman
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.DE1
  •  Where Did It Go? A Case Report of Accidental Tooth Ingestion during a Simple Tooth Extraction
    Sudheesh K M, Sridhar K R, Nandini Katta, Himanshu Chauhan
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.DE2
  •  Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Tongue in a Young Patient - A Rare Case Report and Review of Literature
    Kavitha Gaddikeri, Deepak D Bhorgonde
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.DE3
  •  Bilateral Mandibular Permanent Canine Agenesis: A Rare Case Report
    Trophimus Gnanabagyan J, Vishnu Rekha C, Sankar Annamalai, Parisa Norouzi Baghkomeh
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.DE4
  •  Natural Rehabilitation of Fractured Anterior Tooth Using Reattachment, a Single Visit Endo- Esthetic Approach- A Case Report
    Vinay Bal Singh Thakur, Kanika Gupta, Ishant Sood, Pallavi Mishra, Haritima Kashl, Kritika Gupta
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.DE5
  •  Knowledge Assessment of Undergraduate Dental Students about Oral Cancer -An Institutional Study
    Kavitha Gaddikeri, Deepak D Bhorgonde
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.DE6
  •  Prevalence of Medical Comorbidities in Dental Patients
    Inderdeep Singh Walia, Lovleen Bhatia, Amritpal Singh, Kamaldeep Kaur, Aditya Duggal, Ajaypal
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.DE7
  •  Sex Determination by Means of Inter-Canine Width - A Study in Karnataka Population
    Kavitha Gaddikeri, Deepak D Bhorgonde
    DOI : 10.21276/aimdr.2017.3.1.DE8